Ashburton Meats is a butcher shop that has the welfare of its customers at its heart. It wants you to have meat that is tender, naturally grass-fed, free from growth hormones and antibiotics and high in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals; all of which are paramount to your health. It wants you to know where your meat is coming from and for you to enjoy it with the confidence of unquestionable quality. After leaving the McMicking’s farm, the animals are continued to be monitored; handled and transported humanely; the process being endorsed by Meat Standards Australia.

Ashburton Meats also wants you to know the people in this small business, their background and their commitment to looking after you. Col McMicking’s passion has taken him from the Tarwin Lower farm where he has lived all his life carrying on the family tradition of farming, himself now for 40 years, to a now thriving small business in the centre of Melbourne servicing Ashburton and surrounding suburbs. People are travelling a long way to get this meat! Through this journey Col has seen the niche for having other free range and local products, lamb, pork and chicken. He must see the public get the best there is to offer.

He now employs two dedicated full time senior butchers with over 30 years of experience, who know the best ways to handle meat. They use their expertise to best hang the meat for maximum tenderness. Along with Col, they are there to look after you with the produce and to talk about your concerns and to give advice. It is a great chance to reconnect to the country areas of Victoria and to support Victorian farmers as well as Melbourne small business people. This is an honest and true business that knows its customers and is keen to meet their needs.

Paul Klooster one of the Butchers who has been product manager since the business began became a part owner along with Col in March 2013. A young man, who previously had never thought about investing, was so impressed with the rationale behind the business and the quality of the produce, he decided with his wife Kasey, to take the leap. Col needed no greater endorsement.

Come into the shop, meet the staff, say hello to Col, this proud South Gippsland farmer, and be assured of total transparency in the process of paddock to plate. It is your right to know!