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“Supporting Victorian Farmers and their families, Ashburton Meats specializes in premium quality, grass fed, ethically farmed Gippsland Pure Beef that can be traced locally from paddock to plate. Free ranged and free from artificial growth hormones, our supply of beef, lamb and pork is guaranteed tender. Our commitment is to quality, freshness and knowing exactly how our meat is farmed and brought to our valued customers”


Born from an idea in 2007 to take their own beef from the green pastures of their family farm to the Melbourne public, Ashburton Meats was established by local South Gippsland farmers Col and Julie McMicking with the fierce desire to provide beef that could be fully traced from the paddock to the plate. Their passion was to give people the opportunity to try beef that was free range, pure grass-fed and free from artificial hormones and antibiotics, beef that people knew exactly where it had come from and could judge for themselves its superior quality to anything they had been previously offered.


Ashburton Meats



Gippsland Pure Beef

Col registered his own brand “Gippsland Pure Beef” to reflect the area where the beef was raised and for his customers to recognise. His farm, situated in Tarwin Lower, two hours southeast of Melbourne is located between Phillip Island and Wilson’s Promontory, backing on to the Cape Liptrap National Park and can boast to be one of the lushest parts of the country. On the coast, with its natural, rugged beauty this picturesque area is the perfect location to farm with optimum health benefits to the animals ensuring optimum quality to the customers.

Crisp, fresh, unpolluted ocean air from the beautiful surrounding beaches, high rainfall, pristine clean drinking water and temperate climate mean stress free animals and farmers!



Bred from Free Range Sows and Reared on Straw…
Otway Pork is Certified Outdoor Bred by APIQ – Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program – Australia’s Peak Pork Industry Body. 

Otway Pork pigs are born to Free Range Sows in spacious purpose built birthing huts where they are protected from harsh elements including weather, sunburn, disease and predators. Once weaned the piglets are relocated to spacious, specially designed, straw lined shelters where they are free to socialise, eat and drink as desired, any time of the day, and roam around the shelter. The pigs thrive happily in these shelters and are processed at the abattoir humanely.

At Otway Pork pigs are looked after in the most humane and welfare friendly way possible to minimise stress and maximise their quality of life. The result is consistently, excellent pork that is tender and full of flavour.


La Ionica Poultry

You probably want to know why our chicken is so tender, succulent and processed chemically free.

Our unique taste and quality is due to the Innovative process we use for every bird. We are the only chicken processor on mainland Australia to use the premium European method of “air chilling”, a process which does not involve the use of traditional spin – chillers filled with ice water and chlorine.


Gippsland Lamb Company

Radfords ensure that all the lamb supplied to Ashburton Meats is of a very high quality and is only grassfed.

We choose Radfords because it has a very high quality assurance program in place. The lamb is sold under the Gippsland lamb co banner which insists on certain criteria that meets our customers needs, guaranteeing a great eating experience.